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How to Record Streaming Video to iPad

It is acknowledged to all that if one wants to watch his favorite films on iPad or other devices, what needs to be done is to download the film first with an internet download manager and transfer the video to your device. However, if your device does not support the format, you have to convert the video by downloading another convert tool. With all of this steps finished, much time is consumed.

Fortunately, Record Streaming Video to iPad Converter solves the problem completely. With Streaming Video Recorder, not only can you download your favorite videos, but also convert it to formats suitable for your device. The following is a step-by-step way helping you record streaming videos to iPad.

How to Record Streaming Video to iPad?

Record video

Step One: Launch Record Streaming Video to iPad Recorder.interface

Step Two: Play the video on the website. The software will begin to record the video automatically.

Tips:1. If the video has been played, reboot the browser please. Click stop to stop automatically recording and re-click to start.
       2. If you want to record manually, you can press add download and input the URL of the video.

Convert Video

Step One: Press the button of Video Converter to launch Video Converter on Record Streaming Video to iPad Converter.

Step Two: Add the downloaded files to the converter and by clicking add file button. Choose iPad output format and destination folder for your video. Then press convert button.