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Convert VOB to iPad Video

VOB file, acronym of Video Object, contains video, audio and subtitle into a stream form, which can not be played directly on iPad. Thus if you want to have an entertainment of files of VOB format on your iPad, you have to convert it to iPad compatible format. For realization of such kind of conversion, I strongly recommend you iPad Video Converter, which is almighty VOB to iPad converter and can convert VOB to your device compatible format, still less converting VOB to iPad.

The following is a step-by-step guide to convert VOB to iPad videos. After having a try with it, you will feel converting videos to iPad video is really a piece of cake.

How to convert VOB to iPad Video?

Step One: You need to download VOB to iPad Video Converter, install and run it. Then an interface will show up.


Step Two: You need to import VOB files to the software by choosing file after clicking "File".

Step Three: Click edit to edit files.

Step Four: You can set the output setting of your videos for conversion by click "Profile" and set the destination of the file by click audio track.

Then click convert to start to convert your files